Dear readers,
As you may know, the University of Hamburg cooperates with many international schools to work on various exchange projects. One of these projects is taking place between the University of Hamburg, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA) and the University of Education in Winneba (Ghana). This has established the opportunity for several students of these universities to visit some schools in Hamburg and to get to know the city.
Thus, a project was held at our school, in our history class of the Bilingual Profile, where we met with six of these college students to discuss important aspects of history. Our discussions included the French and Russian Revolution as well as the students’ experiences here in Hamburg, especially regarding their visit to the Memorial of the Concentration Camp in Neuengamme.
We as a class really enjoyed their visit. Although our time was limited, we were able to have deep conversations and get to know the students on an individual level.
We noticed how different our education systems are and how nationalistic influences can affect various aspects of our social life, politics and personal opinions. Therefore, we believe in the importance of such international exchanges and wish for more projects that connect people from all around the world!
– Hasti, Pauline & Trisha • (S2 history, Mr. Pahlke, 2023)